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Category Patient Testimonials

Mitthu S

Dr. Arvind G Kulkarni is the best doctor I have met in my life. He is such a wonderful and kind person. Half of my trouble went away after talking to him. My Mother had back pain from past 4-5 years. Despite trying several types of treatments ranging from Allopathic, Homoeopathic to Ayurvedic, her condition

Apr 02, 2018 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

amey mali

I had problem of L4-L5 disc prolapse, I was unable to walk for more than 3 months, I tried everything like traction, proper rest, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections BT I was unable to stand properly on my legs, Then I visit Kulkarni Sir, he suggests me to go for surgery n ensure me that

Mar 26, 2018 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

xenia lam

There are not enough stars for Dr Arvind and his incredible team ! I couldn’t ask for better care and attention pre and post op ! They are fabulous ! Dr Arvind put me out my excruciating pain and for that I will be ever grateful ! You have magic hands Dr – God Bless

Mar 26, 2018 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

Pandit Kiran Deshpande

Who says your activity gets limited after spine surgery? Ask the very famous Tabla Maestro Pandit Kiran Deshpande who can sit for hours together and enthrall his audience with his magical fingers after undergoing a supra-major spine surgery at Bombay Hospital.

Jan 10, 2017 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

Marc Vauzelle

Dear Dr. Kulkarni, Today, a month after the operation, I can tell you that all my pain in the legs and buttocks are entirely missing. I am extremely satisfied with the result and thank you for that. It remains for me to strengthen my back but I’ll take the time it takes. I also want

Mar 11, 2016 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

Héctor Cueva

Richard Antamba, a 19-year old Ecuadorian citizen, reached Mumbai, India in November 2014, hopeful that he would get a second chance in life. Richard suffered from severe scoliosis that was deteriorating his quality of life and that would have led to a premature death. In Ecuador, Richard’s case was considered inoperable. In the United States

Sep 12, 2015 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments


My mother (underwent spinal decompression and fusion surgery) is now good and she did not feel any problem during flight to Dhaka. Thank you so much for taking care of my mother. We are really grateful to you what have you done to us. Hope to see you again.

Sep 12, 2015 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

Ralph Brandt

For persons suffering from pains caused by spinal nerves being under pressure from lower  lumbar compression wit synovial cyst, which was my problem, I can say that my experience with Dr. Kulkarni’s minimally invasive surgery at Mumbai has been a total success in all respects. His specialisation in this surgical method, performing more than nine

Aug 10, 2015 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments

Mrs. Kamalaben Joshi

My pain was so severe, that I could not sit or sleep. I would feel no pain only while standing. My son took me to a spine surgeon who recommended me a MRI scan. Post diagnosis, the doctor stated that surgery was the only option as it was too late for any other treatment. After

Aug 10, 2015 / by DrArvindKulkarni / No Comments